There is no place in the entire world more identifiable with Buddhist culture than India. Its scared and ancient sites have drawn pilgrims, seekers, and philosophers from all around the world for thousands of years, and continues to do so. Pay homage to the plethora of sacred sites in India, the birthplace of Buddhism, and revive your faith in the teachings of Lord Buddha.

DAY 01 – Varanasi – Arrival

Departure from Bandaranaike International Airport and arrival at Varanasi International Airport. Transfer to the hotel for checking-in. Lunch and Dinner at the hotel.

DAY 02 – Varanasi – Bodhgaya

Start of the day with Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant & check-out from the hotel. Visits to all archaeological sites in Sarnath. Places of visit includes ChaukhandiStupa, the place where Lord Buddha had his initial meeting with his first five erstwhile companions after obtaining enlightenment. Secondly, DharmarajikaStupa, the place where Lord Buddha had preached his first ever sermon called “DhammaChakkapawaththanaSutta” to his first five disciples.
Thereafter, Old MulagandhakutiTemple, the place where Lord Buddha spent the first rainy season followed by the Fragments of Monolithic Ashoka pillar, which was erected by Indian Emperor Dharmashoka, DhamsabhaMandapaya- The place where ordination of Yasakula Putra had been held, DhamekhStupa – The place where Lord Buddha had preached his sermon called “AnattaLakkhanasutta”, Isipathana Migadaya- An ancient deer park and all other remnants of temples and various historical sites. Finish off the excursions followed by Lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. Thereafter, Drive to Bodhgaya and check-into the hotel followed by dinner at the hotel

DAY 03 – Bodhgaya

Start the day by Proceeding to the Bodhgaya Temple and observe atasil at Bodhgaya Premises. Breakfast at the hotel. Start of the Sightseeing tour to the most sacred temple of the Buddhist community around the world- Buddhagaya Viharaya, which is also a World Heritage Monument. Visit to the sacred fig tree – Sri Maha Bodhi, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. Thereafter, visiting other sacred Buddhist monuments such as the 7 holy places where Lord Buddha has spent his first seven weeks immediately after attaining enlightenment. Sightseeing at Durgeshwary, Sujatha Temple, Kusa Grass Temple, Neranjana River. Transfer to the hotel and a shopping spree in Bodhgaya followed by dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and overnight stay.

DAY 04 – Bodhgaya – Rajgir – Vaishali

Wake-up call. Start the day with Breakfast at hotel’s restaurant. Drive to Rajgir, Nalanda and visit Vulture Hill, World Peace Stupa, Bimbisara Jail, and Sapthaparni Caves. Proceed to Nalanda after lunch. Visit the ruins of world’s oldest University Nalanda and then Drive to Vaishali. Visit Vaishali Ruins including with Kutagara Shalawa, Dhathu Sthupa, and other sites. Lastly, transfer to the hotel and checking-in. Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and overnight stay.

DAY 05 – Vaishali – Kushinagar – Lumbini

Start the day with breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Drive to Lumbini via Kushinagar. Visit holy places in Kushinagar such as the Nirvana Shrine House which consist of a colossal monolithic sand stone statue of Buddha in the parinirvana pose. Nirvana Stupa, the place which is said to be the place of death of Gautama Buddha. The actual place where MahaParinirvanaya was taken place. MathaKuar Shrine, the place from where Lord Buddha had drunken water for the last time before he breathed his last. Ramabhar Stupa – The place where the funeral cremation ceremony of Lord Buddha was held. Ramabhar Excavated Remains where the holy mortal remains of Buddha were distributed among eight claimants by Brahman Drona. Stop for Lunch at Vaishali & drive to Kushinagar. Thereafter, drive to Nepal by passing through the Indo-Nepal border on Sounali border. Visit the following places in Lumbini; The birth place of Prince Siddhartha, Mayadevi Temple, The Ashokan Pillar, Puskarni, Other rearmaments of monasteries, stupas and temples. Transfer to the hotel and dinner at Lumbini Hotel.

DAY 06 – Lumbini – Kapilawasthu – Srawasthi

Start the day with breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Srawasthi and visit Kapilawasthu en-route. Continue the drive to Srawasthi and Transfer to the hotel and check-in. Proceed to Srawasthi and start the sightseeing visits to all archaeological sites in Sharvasti which consist of the Jetawana Maha Vihara, the temple of GandhaKuti where Lord Buddha spent 19 years during the rainy seasons. Ananda Bodhi – A sacred fig tree which was planted by Lord Buddha together with Ananda Thero. Jetavana Pond, A historic tank complex and all other remnants of temples and various historical sites. Visit the Pakki Kuti which is an important excavated structure of a stupa, which has been built at the site where Arhath Angulimala is said have delivered the famed Angulimala Piritha. Kachchi Kuti, the remnants of the residence of the famous merchant “Anathapindika Situthuma and lastly, Orajhar Stupa, the place from where Lord Buddha departed to “Thawthisawa” immediately after performing “Yama Maha Pelahara.”

DAY 07 – Srawasthi – Varanasi

Start off the day with a drive to Varanasi while enjoying a packed breakfast on the go. Lunch packs will also be provided during the journey. Arrival at the hotel and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 08 – Varanasi – Colombo

Start the day with breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Spend the day leisurely. Check-out from the hotel and have lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. Finally, end the tour with a Drive to the airport for departure.


• Economy class return air ticket to Varanasi – Air India- including all taxes
• 3-night hotel accommodation on Twin Sharing basis
• All 3 main meals as mentioned in the itinerary
• All tours as mentioned in the Itinerary by an Air conditioned coach
• India & Nepal Visas (on arrival) for Sri Lankan Passport Holders Only
• One staff members from Browns Tours to accompany the group
• The service of a Sinhala speaking tour guide
• Return airport transfers in Colombo
• Travel insurance

(Please note that all tours and transfers are private. That said, there may be other people around at the sites)