Top 5 Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia

Labelled as “The Land of the Gods”, Bali shines brights with its incomparable beauty. The incredible combination of spirituality and sun-kissed bliss is an unlikely combination to find anywhere else on earth.  Just like its white-sand beaches in the south and black sand in the north and west, the striking contrast of the Island of the Gods is mind-boggling: from lush paddy fields to scenic surfing coves to ancient temples and volcanoes. Whether it is an adventurous trek to explore the wilderness, a relaxing break on the beach, or mastering yoga under the tutelage of a yogis, Bali is sure to mesmerise you. Be it a mini vacay or an indulgent staycation, here are top five things you should not miss when in Bali.

1.     Sunrise Hike to Mount Batur

Even if you are not an early bird, you must muster up your courage to wake up early to go on this hike. Start off with a half an hour drive to the foothills o the mountain before the crack of dawn. Although the ascend is arduous, it surely is a rewarding one. As you reach the summit, catch a glimpse of the Balinese sunrise at its all glory. The surreal views across the lake to imposing Agung and over the Ocean to nearby Lombok are nothing short of magical and will make you realise that heaving yourself from bed in the pitch black as well as the incessant yawing is totally worth it!

2.     Getaway to Nusa Islands

The trio of stunning Nusa Islands is definitely worth a visit when in Bali. Hop on a ferry and kick off your island exploration. The sights of powdery white sands, clear blue waters and striking cliffs are straight out of a dream. The three islands—Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida—are equally beautiful and you will be hard pressed to leave the islands behind and return back to the reality.

3. Visit Ubud Monkey Forest

A lush tropical forest, Ubud Monkey Forest    is home to hundreds of macaque monkeys. As you walk through the shaded paths, you will see monkeys climbing from tree to tree, some carrying their babies under their bellies and swinging playfully from leafy branches. These simians are mischievous so make sure that you don’t bring anything that can be easily nabbed. Because these monkeys sure do love your snacks, dangling jewellery and anything that would intrigue them! Hidden in the dense forest are three magnificent Hindu temples that have stood the test of time. Resonant with mythological times, these temples are regularly visited by Balinese Hindu devotees with great reverence. 

4- Explore Bali’s Spirituality

Discover the beauty of this Indonesian island’s cultural heritage as you explore the ancient Hindu temples of Bali. Built centuries ago, these historic edifices tell the story of an bygone era. Although there are many temples, Uluwatu Cliff temple, Pura Tirta Empul, and Ulun Danu Beratan are the top crowdpleasers that never fail to amuse the visitor. 

5- Bring Out the Hipster in You

Beyond Bali’s voluptuous foliage and overwhelming fragrance of incense burning is an exhilarating hippy culture: blaring scooters, rustic meditation centres and folks who give you the vibe that they just walked out on their life with one suitcase. This is the wild and hippy side of Bali. So join the bandwagon, drop by a cute roadside café, while away hours on the beach,  sip on a Balinese cocktail or two as you sway to toe-tapping music under twinkling stars! Some of the best beach clubs include, Potato Head in Seminyak, Finn’s in Canggu and Single Fin in Uluwatu.  

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